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Everyone currently registered on this site is invited to join NTD for the official opening of the Hollybank MTB Park. We're holding a BBQ near the McNeil Buildings at the Hollybank Forest Reserve, plus we encourage everyone to BYO your bike for a ride of the new trails! To RSVP email or phone 036380 6800 by 5pm 29.9.2014. We look forward to seeing you there!

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Hollybank, Derby, Blue Tier.JPG
Location of Hollybank, Derby and Blue Tier, North East Tasmania

To view the latest progress of the trail construction at Hollybank, go to -

Hollybank 230614 for NEMTB.jpg

Hollybank 8.jpeg
Ramp construction - Hollybank, August 2014

About the North East Mountain Bike Project (NEMTB)

The project consists of three trail networks totalling approximately 90kms of world class, purpose built, single track plus infrastructure such as signage and bike wash stations.

The length of the proposed trails will leverage existing mountain biking and cycling infrastructure in the Region, and will provide the necessary critical mass to create an internationally recognised MTB tourism destination, allowing over two full days of riding for enthusiasts of varying capability. For more info on existing MTB trails in Tasmania, go to Tassie Trails.

The project stems from a 2011 background report funded by Tourism Tasmania (prepared by Six Dot Consulting) that identified Hollybank, Blue Tier and Derby as having significant potential to become iconic mountain bike destinations.

NTD co-ordinated a successful application for Regional Development Australia Funding that has secured an Australia Government contribution of $2.5million towards the project. An additional $800,000 from the Tasmanian Government's Tasmanian Jobs Package was granted for Stage 1 at Hollybank for a world class mountain bike experience.

The project is a partnership between NTD and the Councils - Break O'Day, Dorset, and Launceston City. Other support has also been provided by Forestry Tasmania and NRM North.

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